John Steven Bloom M.M.C.,
Master Illusionist
For twenty-five yars Grand Stage Illusionist and Master Magician John Steven Bloom has been wowing audiences and garnering critical acclaim for his special blend of magic, humor and family entertainment.  Touring, public speaking and giving back to the community adds to the appeal of this already multi-faceted performer.
With a flexible show that crosses demographics John has appeared with rock legends Alice Cooper, Neal Schon and Kevin Cronin, comedians Michael Finney and ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, magician Sylvester The Jester, and country stars and actors such as Pam Tillis and Billy Bob Thornton, to name a few.  John has been seen on international stages, headlined at the Texas Station Casino in Las Vegas and has been featured on statewide, televised programs. Most enjoyable, perhaps, are his full-length, fully-staged productions, which include his entire family.

Possessing a strong sense of culture and charity the John Steven Bloom Team offers an extensive Youth Enrichment Magic Master Class Series and Residency Program. His far-reaching educational offerings take him to schools, parks and private events. He and his wife, Chance, operate the bulk of what is the Magic and Illusions of John Steven Bloom conglomerate which includes American Wax Entertainment Group, Animaland Ohio and various fund-raising prospects for non-profit organizations. He is a freelance writer for Parent Magazine in Warren, OH. John’s ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ monthly feature reaches over 30,000 readers per month! He also hosts the Taste Of Home Cooking Schools during select NE Ohio tour stops.

While John is proud of many achievements within his craft he is most pleased with having been the first magic act accepted into both the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the OAC Fee Support/Ohio Artists on Tour Roster.  In addition, he is an Ohio Performer’s Showcase Feature Act and is regularly requested by Fortune 500 companies as a motivational speaker. His ability to meld magic and music into product promotion has boosted customer service for Wal-Mart, Con-Agra Foods and Schering-Key Labs, among others. His educational shows are also available to schools through the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education.

John Steven Bloom is a father of four fabulous girls; a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Ring 161, Akron (with whom he held a ten-year term as president); the Society of American Magicians; the prestigious Magic Circle of London, England; a lifetime member of both the International Magic Society and the Magician’s Alliance of Eastern States.

 Chance Bloom,
Illusionist & Magical Assistant
Chance’s magical career has spanned nearly 20 years in which she has performed throughout the US and Mexico with this show. Not long afterward join the show, Chance and John began an extensive promotional tour. The tour lasted 18 months and while in Mexico, a show producer helped them develop their act and define their image while performing shows throughout the city of Puerto Vallarta. Upon returning, the couple put their new skills to work & the act grew, which gained television & newspaper attention.

During the spring of 2000, Bloom & Chance renovated, reopened & performed at their own theater in Geneva On The Lake, OH for the entire summer. Chance also partnered with her parents to open a restaurant just down the street from the theater. After the weekend shows, Chance would rush down to help run the restaurant. This led to more television attention and articles in newspapers began to appear almost weekly. During the Y2K Labor Day weekend magic show, Bloom produced a ring from fire and proposed to Chance in front of the entire audience. Chance accepted and as the summer came to a close, so did the restaurant and the theater.

Chance and Bloom spent the next ten years expanding the show and their family. With the kids in tow, the traveling magic show continued to tour schools, theaters and retirement centers from here to Florida and back. In April 2002 the couple earned the opportunity to headline in Las Vegas at the Texas Station Casino. The following year they were invited to perform with Alice Cooper in Phoenix for his all star Christmas Pudding Concert featuring Billy Bob Thornton, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, Pam Tillis, Journey, REO Speedwagon and more!

Chance has opened for Michael Finney, Sylvester the Jester, she’s assisted David Copperfield vanishing with 12 other people, she’s graced the Akron Civic Theater stage and performed at the Midwest Magic Jubilee in St Louis, MO. Chance has floated and vanished 14’ in the air only to appear a split second later behind the audience. During a typical 90 minute show, she’s been known to change outfits no less than two dozen times!

Chance is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Ring 161, Akron (with whom she’s held a six-year term as secretary). At home, Chance is an avid baker and self taught chef. To her cake and cookie clientele she is known as the Cake Wizard blending the magical and culinary arts. In her hometown, Chance is known for her Pierogi Paradise business, boasting over 20 different homemade pierogi flavors! During many magic shows, she’s been known to pack a mini-kitchen in her road cases so she can feed the cast and crew. If you smell something tasty sneaking out around the curtain, you may very well be getting a whiff of the crew’s most loved catering!

Besides her love of the kitchen and performing for audiences, Chance is a magic collector. Her collection includes original posters, ticket stubs, books, throwing cards, headshots, coins, show programs and more from the golden age of magic and beyond.

 Victoria Bloom,
Illusionist & Magical Assistant
By the time Victoria was ten weeks old, she had already visited over seven states and Canada. She turned one in Las Vegas, the week her parents headlined at the Texas Station Casino. The next year she was included in the finale in Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding Concert in Phoenix. When she was just able to walk, her mom put her on stage for the magic show and she hasn’t missed a beat since.

During their snowstorm scene at Canfield First Night 2004, her final bow brought tears and applause in equal measure. She has opened for Michael Finney, Sylvester The Jester and joined zydeco legend C.J. Chenier on stage at the House Of Blues in Cleveland, OH with the tambourine! She is the youngest member of the International Brotherhood Of Magicians Ring 161 in Akron and won 2012 Magician Of The Year. She was the youngest member of the Akron Magical Arts Society to achieve the honor. Victoria was featured in the Columbus Dispatch for floating her younger sister at a botanical garden in Columbus, OH. Victoria has performed in St Louis MO for the Midwest Magic Jubilee and also at the Akron Civic Theater. At home she loves cooking and baking.

 Isabella Bloom Isabella began her magical career when she was old enough to walk on stage. She has been appearing and disappearing with her magical family all over the eastern portion of the US. Isabella not only assists her father and her older sister, but she also has a few magical segments of her own!, In 2010, Isabella debuted her own magic at the Youngstown Playhouse. Isabella has opened for Michael Finney, Sylvester The Jester and has performed at WaterFire, the Akron Civic Theater and the Midwest Magic Jubilee in St Louis, MO.  At home she enjoys all aspects of entertainment, loves to make coffee and is learning to play her guitar. She loves to help raise money for kids in need, especially kids with cancer. In a few short hours, Izzy raised over $350 selling candy bars and her famous chocolate dipped pretzels (with sprinkles) at a craft show. Her greatest asset is her ability to make people smile. She’s known to her daddy as Izzy Rizzy.

Elizabeth Bloom
A huge center section photo of Elizabeth floating appeared in the Columbus Dispatch in Columbus OH in 2011. Elizabeth is the little spitfire who has magically appeared with Sylvester the Jester; she also magically appeared at both the Midwest Magic Jubilee in St Louis, MO and the Akron Civic Theater. She assists both her father and her sisters including at an engagement with WaterFire. Being on the road, visiting Sheetz and jamming to Alice Cooper are just some of her favorite things to do. Bitzy enjoys audio books, hanging out with her dad, playing drums and helping her mom in the kitchen.

Sophia Bloom
Sophia has already been doing her own little magic tricks around the house. She loves the show because she gets to play dress up. Sophia has performed at the Akron Civic Theater appearing magically with her sisters and making a surprise appearance in some of Victoria’s segments. She was also featured in the Midwest Magic Jubilee in St Louis, MO. Sophia loves playing with her iPad mini and listening to music.